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A* Genius Board Game Features

Emotion cards (96 cards)

Players learn to recognise, identify, understand and remember 96 strong emotions from over 200 clues and definitions, and 288 multiple choice options.

Action cards (54 cards)

Players learn how to respond thoughtfully rather than impulsively to challenging real life issues, significant behaviours and strong emotional feelings. Players use and memorise the A* Genius easy-to-remember 6-part strategy for handling strong emotional feelings and distressing issues. They also learn 29 different ways to improve and maintain their emotional resilience.

There are two types of Action card: Strategy ACTION cards and Emotional Resilience ACTION cards.

Issue cards (64 cards)

Players encounter 32 real life issues faced by young people, and learn to recognise and handle those issues and the strong emotions linked to them.

There are two types of Issue card: Issue FACT cards and Issue FEELINGS cards.

Behaviour cards (56 cards)

Players learn to recognise and handle 56 wide-ranging behaviours and related strong emotions.

The A* Genius game board

The A* Genius game board dimensions are 420mm x 594mm. Players navigate the board by throwing the dice and following written instructions on the board or on the game cards represented by spaces on the board.

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