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'Promoting Workforce Health and Well-being'

Working Days 

Lost to British Business

The 21st century has so far seen the British economy lose on average, 30 million working days each year due to ill-health including stress, depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, cancer, airways disease and musculo-skeletal disorders.

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Health and Well-being Campaigns in the Workplace

Planning for 

Peak Performance

Employees are an organisation’s most important asset.  healthSENSES is the innovative, ill-health prevention, health promotion programme designed to help optimize health and well-being in your workforce. 

The healthSENSES programme allows organisations to build their own annual, health and well-being campaign specific to their needs and those of their employees.

Creating the right conditions for workers to maintain their peak performance is not something the best business leaders leave to chance. 

Schemes specially devised to advance workforce well-being are at the heart of all good human resource management strategies. Such schemes are also a foundation for sustainable business success and growth. healthSENSES  contributes significantly to outcomes focused alignment of great human resources with great business strategy.

'Inspiring choices that make healthSENSE'

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