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'Promoting Workforce Health and Well-being'

Study Days and Added Value Staff Development

healthSENSES encourages organisations to establish a local calendar of events as an annual focus on workforce health and well-being development. We encourage staff surveys that identify health issues of most concern which can then be used to inform selection of Workshop-Seminars. 

healthSENSES advocates integration of health and well-being education with wider staff development processes. 

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brings vitality, innovation and added value to staff training and development days and specialist staff study days.

Unemployment, Health and Well-being

Unemployment and worklessness can impact significantly on health and well-being. Becoming unwell is an important limiting factor in someone’s ability to rejoin the workforce making unemployment and health a major issue for those tasked with helping the unemployed back to work.

healthSENSES extends the reach and effectiveness of local worklessness policies and operations by delivering the best health education available to the unemployed. 

healthSENSES promotes health protective behaviours and optimum health and well-being among unemployed individuals and their families.

'Inspiring choices that make healthSENSE'

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