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Seven (7) Key Learning Outcomes for the A* Genius Board Game

“The learning outcomes of A* Genius meet the needs of our young people. This exciting classroom board game develops and builds their emotional intelligence and resilience and equips them with a simple, innovative strategy to inspire behaviour change. It’s just what many teachers have been waiting for.”

1. Increased knowledge of emotions and of their impact on behaviour.

2. Understanding of emotions as they arise and of how to respond well.

3. Clear understanding of factors that enhance emotional intelligence and emotional resilience.

4. A simple strategy memorized for confident, thoughtful, less impulsive responses to strong emotions and distressing events.

5. Recognition of the range of strong emotions linked to specific real life issues that challenge young people.

6. Improved decision-making and reasoning skills.

7. Understand the need for patience and perseverance in the face of difficult challenges and setbacks.

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